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I-PEX MHF4 20448-001R-081 Coaxial Cable

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Product:I-PEX MHF420448-001R-081 Coaxial Cable
Plug P/N:20448-011R-081
Applicable Cable:OD0.81mm Coaxial Cable
Cable Color:Gray,Black,White
Cable Brand:Japan Sumitomo
 Key Features:
1. Receptacle P/N:20449-001E
2. Mating Height:1.20mm MAX
3. Applicable Technology :IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n, UWB, WiMAX, iBurst, Zigbee, Bluetooth Wireless and MIMO
1. Frequency Range :DC up to 6GHz
2. Characteristic Impedance :50 ohm ( Nominal )
3. Temperature :-40°Cto +90°C
4. Rated Voltage :AC 60V
5. Contact Resistance :20m ohm MAX. ( Signal )
                       10m ohm MAX. ( Ground )
6. Withstand Voltage :AC 200V
7. Insulation Resistance :500M ohm MIN. / DC 100V
8. VSWR: 1.30 Max (DC 1GHz-3GHz)
         1.50 Max (DC 3GHz-6GHz)
9.Unmateing Force:Initial 4N Min
                  After 30 cycles 2N Min
10.Crimp Strength: 20448-011R-08  17N MIN

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